"Guitar's Land" by M.Marrani


"Azur Planet" 
 Maurizio Marrani Quartet
record label - Pagina3

“Azur Planet”  is the bright new album recorded by Maurizio Marrani Quartet. It consists of original pieces coming from musical words that are quite close to jazz. All the compositions reflect an open view of the Afro-American music that has been able to include different  music styles belonging to distant  backgrounds like the Sixties’ Soul music and Jazz Rock , Fusion, Bossanova, Movie Musical and Blues.
 Four pieces out of nine have been played by the quarter and a string instrument ensemble which highlight the timbre variety and, at the same time, gives an orchestra dimension to the musical pieces.
 The fours players of the quarter are the guitarist Angelo Lazzeri, the bassist Graziano Brufani and the drummer Nicola Polidori.
 In the video below the band plays New hope, one of  the pieces of the album.  

Inside the studio.