"Solo in Oslo" 
piano solo - 
record label - Pagina3
Solo in Oslo is a solo piano album recorded  at Jan Erik Kongshaug’s Rainbow studio in Oslo. It can be seen as a  journey through rearranged familiar themes like “ Some Day My Prince Will Come",  “Beautitul Love”  "Naima" and "Giant Steps" by John Coltrane, or “Havona”, Jaco Pastorius’s masterpiece. That’s a trip that follows the path of original compositions  like Moskov-Vladivostok dedicated to the famous Trans-Siberian railway line or “Preludio” and “Sans Jose”.

The project had been independently planned and realized in the details during several  months before being finished and released for the label Pagina3  in 2014. 

"Solo in Oslo" - Demo Audio

Giant StepsJ.Coltrane
Some Days My Prince Will ComeChurchill-Morey
Impro 1M.Marrani
San JosèM.Marrani
Beautiful LoveYuong-King-Van Alstyne
I Love PorgyG.Gershwing

Oslo: the City and the Rainbow Studio